Welcome to What Do! A computer program that scrapes the web for Seattle events [bleep bloop].

The data it collects goes into a simple dataset for you to enjoy.

A list of everything, all in one place.

About the creators:

We’re Hannah & Andrew. We’ve both lived in Seattle for many years, and created What Do as a hobby project to make it easier for ourselves (and everyone else) to figure out what to do ’round here.

We wanted to make a tool that we would actually use – something simple, comprehensive, and free.

We don’t have a dog, so we take care of this instead. Hope you enjoy What Do as much as we do.

Share your feedback via our contact form and drop a donation to keep our server running (and convince Andrew that this was a good use of 100+ hours of coding).

Special thanks to Nathaniel Marcuson for his expertise in website development. This site would not have been possible without his assistance.